BALI 🏝island for greener 🌳🍏💚 farming 🚜🐾🌻🌾🌞

Nature 🌿🍃is too friendly to us but we always destroy them like a heartless human being.

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Located at mid part of Indonesia, Bali island no need to be promoted again, it has been naturally tours excitement for people around the world.

Unfortunately I can’t enjoy too much about the island……. Sorry it is malfunction about my financial attitude.

So you can see the scenic rice terraces, local temples, and dramatic landscape of Bali on a 9-hour guided tour. Go to Kintamani to experience an active volcano and lake. Explore Balinese culture and the majestic heritage and nature at tropical plantations, and more.

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I have no words to say about it except 😮😳 wOw😮😳

Another exotic place to go 📍⏬ below:

Hobbit Town, New Zealand

You can check it at this link :

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