I J E N crater… East Java (traditional sulphur mining) 🗻🗻

Let’s being realized what happened around us and don’t give people unreachable dreams☺✨

Traditional sulphur miner
This image shows the dangerous and rugged conditions the miners face, including toxic smoke and high drops, as well as their lack of protective equipment. The pipes over which they are standing serve to guide sulfur vapors and condense them, thereby facilitating production. As the chosen way of income they never make compliance about their source even though they always give us the best smile they ever have wherever we meet them along the journey. Thumbs up guys 👍.

We are experiencing hard ways to reach the hidden gems we supposed, made more good preparation is an obligation. Instead of that you can going there by yourself and your friends or guided by us. If you choose the second option you can make booking here:

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And you will:

  • Ascend one of the most beautiful active volcanoes
  • See unique nature phenomena “blue fire”
  • Witness the dawn over the biggest acid lake in the world
  • Walk in the crater which is also a sulfur mine
  • Eat delicious traditional Javanese breakfast

Our expedition team having unforgettable moment

Walking for miles

Blue sulphur flame from caldera

Blue sulphur flame from caldera

Hard workers

Ijen caldera views from Landsat satellite

About Sulphur mining at Ijen:
Sulfur mining in Kawah Ijen volcano, Java, Indonesia. At the upper left of the picture, the sulfur, yellow and orange, is emitted as yellowish vapor and forms crystal concretions on the rock face of the crater. Big pipes capture vapor at ground level to facilitate the extraction. To condense the hot vapor, water is supplied through a pipe from a small pond at the bottom right, then thrown with buckets on the pipes carrying the vapor to cool them.
In the left half of the picture, miners carry sulfur blocks in wicker baskets. To protect themselves against toxic vapors that pervade this part of the crater, they wear masks or simple rags. The baskets are then taken to a flat area on the right. Afterwards, workers carry them on their shoulders up to the rim of the crater, then down the side of the volcano to a place trucks can access. The trucks finally deliver the sulfur to a processing plant.
A nearby sulfur refinery pays the miners by the weight of sulfur transported; as of September 2010, the typical daily earnings were equivalent to approximately $13 US. The miners often receive insufficient protection while working around the volcano and complain of numerous respiratory afflictions. There are 200 miners, who extract 14 tons per day – about 20% of the continuous daily deposit.

Are you interested.?

Sulphur ornaments from Ijen


BROMO volcano 🌋🌋 Java island..

See the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.

             Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky 


Cold mountain desert

This mountain is the nearest exotic place from my homeland, Surabaya. The best part of this adventure is sunrise eye catching. So wonderful but it is rather hard to reach out, after you get right on the place then everything are much worthy, spectacular sunrise🌄🌅🌄 views.

4. Experience a 4×4 jeep ride up the mountain.   
5. Stop by the amazing waterfall of Madakaripura on the way back to Surabaya.

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Explore ancient Roman Empire 🔱👑🔱

η υπερηφάνειά μας θα είναι μια ιστορία για τα εγγόνια μας. (Our pride will be a legend for our generation)

How to go to this amazing place 😌

Feeling strange???

Yes you will…. You feel everything is changing, too far for distance to reach your position at real time now with in the past.

Now you can be a tourist with a lot of money perhaps… I hope so… rather than being a Roman citizen ( with most of them were pushed to be slave or low citizen grade).

You still have good memories about them right on your place where you sitting down now. Especially memories about their Gladiator.
After entering the Colosseum at your allotted time, relive the stories of emperors and gladiators. Begun under the emperor Vespasian in 72 AD, and completed by his son Titus in 80 AD, the Colosseum was the largest amphitheater ever built.
Imagine the ferocious fights between man and beast, as you stand in the elliptical arena, comprised of 4 levels, and once able to seat up to 73,000 spectators.

But it’s in the past, there’s no slavery anymore. Do yourself now as Gladiator attendants from 21st century. Sounds amazing💕😍💕😍
Get into the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum in central Rome through the fast track entrance with a combined package. Enjoy a hassle-free experience at your own pace. Marvel at the remains of some of the greatest monuments of the Roman Republic.


The Colosseum is one of the most distinguished landmarks in the world. No trip to Rome is complete without paying a visit to this iconic structure. Top tips: The line outside the Colosseum is often very long. Book in advance for skip-the-line tickets and don’t waste time standing in line.

More details experience you can find at this site :

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Feel your Roman Empire right now 👑🔱🔱🏰

BALI 🏝island for greener 🌳🍏💚 farming 🚜🐾🌻🌾🌞

Nature 🌿🍃is too friendly to us but we always destroy them like a heartless human being.

Let’s get in touch 😌

Located at mid part of Indonesia, Bali island no need to be promoted again, it has been naturally tours excitement for people around the world.

Unfortunately I can’t enjoy too much about the island……. Sorry it is malfunction about my financial attitude.

So you can see the scenic rice terraces, local temples, and dramatic landscape of Bali on a 9-hour guided tour. Go to Kintamani to experience an active volcano and lake. Explore Balinese culture and the majestic heritage and nature at tropical plantations, and more.

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Let’s have fun

I have no words to say about it except 😮😳 wOw😮😳

Another exotic place to go 📍⏬ below:

Hobbit Town, New Zealand


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PARIS CATACOMBS: Les Catacombes de 🗼🗼Paris

c’est mon opinion personnelle, c’est quelque chose qui est difficile pour nous à dire mais vous avez votre propre opinion. (This is my own opinion, it’s hard to say but you have your own opinion)

We will guide you 😌

Discover a world beneath the streets of Paris and see tunnels and rooms decorated with the human bones and skulls of around 6 million Parisians.
Avoid lengthy queues and the hassle of ticket counters – simply show your voucher at the newspaper kiosk adjacent to the entrance to collect your ticket. You will be then able to walk straight inside after a security check.
Explore a darker side to the “City of Lights” as you walk through tunnels dug out in the Middle Ages. The Paris Catacombs were originally a quarry with hundreds of kilometers of tunnels burrowed beneath the streets of Paris. When the cemeteries of Paris became overfilled, the city started moving the dead into the Catacombs. To enable you to discover works from the site for yourself, audio guides available in French, English, German and Spanish are provided.

As usual, I have no idea for traveling there ( money is my primary reason). But you can read about mixed sad and nervous stories at link above. Just click it and you will find another stories about our late brother and sister skeleton. You have your
opinion….. 👌👌👌

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🌍☀⛅❄ SAIL over seven SEAS…. song by : Gina T 🌊🌊☀🌝

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